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SoftwareCUBE generates solutions for the collection, preparation, evaluation and display of large amounts of data. Our software also offers transparency, security and traceability in business processes.

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Product VeriACT

Compliance with the Functional Safety Standards such as ISO 26262 is achieved by completely mapping of the development of embedded systems, including software and electronics. By using the verification management tool VeriACT, regulatory requirements regarding traceability can be met across all domains of the entire development process.

Customer Specific Software

Using web and desktop solutions, we meet state-of-the-art requirements of B2B management, B2C interaction and the digitalization of business processes.

Outsourcing Software Development

We develop new applications from scratch or develop existing ones further and implement the commissioning and support smoothly.


Expert knowledge for your success
From analysing requirements, milestone planning and implementation all the way to achieving goals through software quality assurance - our expertise helps you to save time and money and to solve any problems that may arise.

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About SoftwareCUBE

Together with our customers we develop customized, sustainable solutions to improve the efficiency of business processes. We intensify the cooperation between individuals, teams and companies and optimize development processes. In addition to more transparency and traceability, our customers benefit from increased product quality and cost savings.

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