Individual Software Development

For the development of a software solution according to your requirements or flat-rate outsourcing of development services, we are happy to be your experienced and competent partner.

Software Solutions

The classic request to us is the creation of a software solution for special customer requirements. The starting point of the cooperation can be a vague idea or a concretely formulated task catalogue. By means of web and desktop solutions, we meet the current requirements of digitalization of internal processes, in B2B applications and in B2C interactions.

Often, we are also on the spot when software development is outsourced for an all-in price. This can be either the development of new software or the further development of existing software. Sometimes it is also troubleshooting.

Our software works reliably with all common browsers, operating systems and mobile platforms, can be scaled according to requirements and delivers a flawless user experience.

All our projects are characterized by an efficient approach and effective communication.

Software Solutions for Special Customer Requirements

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Software for Digital Process Management

We design and implement applications that improve or elegantly transform your internal business processes. We achieve this by optimizing processes and making them more transparent. We support the internal communication as well as reporting, we complete planning processes so that your employees can work more efficiently.

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B2B Applications

We develop software applications that are powerful, include a variety of features and ensure a pleasant B2B environment for the exchange of services, products and data. For many years, our team has been dealing with the special requirements of B2B applications, such as large groups of project participants, long and complex business processes and the integration of additional functionalities and follow-up projects.

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B2C Interaction

We realize applications that facilitate access to your brand, impress your customers and thus also increase customer loyalty. This allows you to make your business stand out from the crowd of competitors, which in turn has a positive effect on market presence and the growth of your market share. To satisfy the requirements of today's users, we attach great importance to modern design, intuitive operation and the highest performance of our applications.

Software Development Outsourcing

The maxim is: On scope – on time – on budget

Often there is a lack of internal resources or the necessary expertise in software development when it comes to digitally transforming or growing a business. We offer to manage your entire development process in the agreed scope, on time and as budgeted. We control an efficient and transparent cooperation.

Our cooperation offers continuous progress in your projects with new applications, or in projects with new features for existing applications. Both alternatives are possible:

  • New development of applications, their commissioning and continuous development
  • Further development of existing software, support and continuous development
Outsourcing your project pipeline allows you to use your internal resources more efficiently and to gain access to innovative technologies without having to recruit and train employees.

Success Stories

Analysis of OEE-key figures

Customer and Employee Administration

Facility Management Software

Requirement-Engineering Application

Electrical System Partitioning and Calculation Tool

Equipment Integration (Semi-Conductor Production)

Validate Verification and Validation Solution

Electrical System Partitioning and Calculation Tool

Industry-Specific Solutions - Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)

Our Service Components

We offer clearly defined service components as well as target focused, friendly and above all open communication.

In this way we minimize potential conflicts. We can work directly with your departments, user groups and experts, or with your IT department as an intermediary. Our structured and communicative approach to the project allows us to work together effectively in all service components.

SoftwareCUBE SCP GmbH Business Analysis

Business Analysis

If you include Business Analysis (BA) in your outsourcing contract, we can either perform it independently or in cooperation with your in-house BA specialists. Based on an in-depth analysis, we are also able to suggest possible software solutions. You can select the solution that meets your expectations in terms of functionality, timeframe, and budget, and we work out detailed specifications for the development team.

SoftwareCUBE SCP GmbH Software Development

Software Development, Architecture and Management

In all projects we take over our user experience and user interface design, architecture, coding, integration, and deployment. We use a wide range of methodologies and tools, such as Scrum, Kanban, Jenkins, Jira, TeamCity, and many more to speed up the development process. Due to our focus on iterative development, we can deliver the first version of a new application within a few weeks from the project start and add further developments at intervals of two to six weeks. We take care of the entire project management and keep you informed about the progress of the project.

SoftwareCUBE SCP GmbH Quality Management

QA Process and Management

You can include Quality Assurance (QA) in your outsourcing contract or have it performed by your in-house QA team or a third-party QA provider. In the latter case, we work with your partner at all stages of the project.

SoftwareCUBE SCP GmbH Change Management

Change Management

We can fully manage substantial changes in your application: We discuss the changes with all parties affected and record how these changes can affect the functionality, usability/user-friendliness, and security of the application. Together with your experts, we assess the impact that your new or updated application is likely to have on your business processes. We can also conduct user training to improve acceptance. If changes in a project or in the project flow (e.g. prioritization) are necessary, we promptly discuss such changes with you, incorporate them into the planning and implement them.

SoftwareCUBE SCP GmbH Application Support

Application Support

In addition to software development, we offer software support for all projects in the following areas:

  • User Management (e.g. creating new users, assigning user rights), changes to the software configuration.
  • Application Monitoring: assessment of the performance of your application, identification of weak points to eliminate them.
  • Troubleshooting: cleaning the database of incorrect entries, bug fixing.
  • Evolution/Further Development: development, testing and deployment of new features according to your requirements to ensure that the application always meets your business needs.

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