Consulting for Specific Implementation

On the one hand digitization is advancing steadily, on the other hand it is not always easy to find a future prospect for the technical implementation. What is required is value-enhancing prioritization in the approach or suitable budget-saving capacities for software development.

Our extensive experience in software development results in a wide range of consulting services: We analyse your current system in detail, develop a plan for the introduction of new components and guide you to the answers to your complex questions.

From requirements analysis, milestone planning and implementation to goal achievement through software quality assurance – our expertise helps you to save time and money or to solve potential problems.

It is important for us to find a solution that is flexible, cost-effective and fits perfectly with your business goals and IT strategy. We do this by taking the size of your company, your industry and the goals you are pursuing into account. We look at the tasks you want to perform and the challenges you face.

We also help you save money.

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Consulting for the Digitization of your Processes

We advise you on how to prioritize your business processes and how to transform and optimize them with a digital solution. We help you choose suitable technologies and an appropriate architecture for your future application.

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We make sure that the new software fits into your existing application landscape in the best way possible. Through synergies with existing tools and the use of existing and established processes, we create even greater added value for the use of the new software.


When it comes to using software, there are always things that can go wrong. The problems range from inconvenience in operation and slow performance to incomplete or simply wrong solutions that cost you a lot of time and money. Here are some risk potentials in different areas:

  • overlooking or underestimating important requirements
  • impracticable objectives
  • wrong technology selection
  • unsuitable architecture
  • chaotic coding
  • security problems
  • ineffective system integration
  • unsuitable data handling
  • poor communication within the team
  • poor organization of work tasks
  • suboptimal use of resources
  • late delivery

How we can help you

Our team can enter at all stages of the development process and help you with expert knowledge. We can help you avoid costly revisions, work out problem solutions, minimize risks, increase the overall software quality or lead a failing project to success.

SoftwareCUBE SCP GmbH Application Concept

We develop an application concept

SoftwareCUBE SCP GmbH Analysis

We offer professional requirements analysis

SoftwareCUBE SCP GmbH Technology

We advise on technology selection

SoftwareCUBE SCP GmbH Architecture

We design a suitable architecture

SoftwareCUBE SCP GmbH Roadmap

We deliver a detailed roadmap for integration

SoftwareCUBE SCP GmbH Project Insights

We coordinate project management

SoftwareCUBE SCP GmbH Quality Management

We ensure high quality standards for your software

An efficient approach and effective communication are key traits of all our projects.

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